Unlock iPhone 14

Are you struggling with your Locked or disabled Apple iPhone 14?

Have you typed the wrong passcode too many times? If yes, then you have disabled your iPhone 14 due to wrong passcode attempts.

Don’t worry! This guide will assist you to unlock your Apple iPhone 14 without any data loss.

Apple iPhone unlock

We are here to drive you out of this situation in a simple way. This effortless guide will lead you to unlock your Apple iPhone 14. The only thing required from you is to follow the steps included in this guide carefully to avoid any hurdle.

How To Unlock Apple iPhone 14 Safely Avoiding Any Data Loss?

Lets get started with the process of unlocking. Follow the below Steps carefully with full concentration.

Download and Install iTunes on Computer

Step 1: To start this process, we should require a Computer (Mac or PC).

Step 2: Make sure, that the computer is running on the latest version of Windows OS. Original cable required that comes within box of Apple iPhone 14 for connectivity purpose.

Step 3: If not available, you should also approach any other compatible cable.

Step 4: Download and Install iTunes Software. [Check this link to download the latest version of iTunes]

Switch OFF Your Apple iPhone 14

Step 1: Grab your Apple iPhone 14 and make sure that it is not connected to the computer.

Step 2: Now, Turn OFF your Apple iPhone 14 by following the below method that matches your model

Press and Hold the Side Button and Volume Down Button simultaneously until you see the “Power Off Slider”

Step 3: Furthermore, Just tap on the slider and swipe to turn OFF your Apple iPhone 14 completely.

Boot Your Apple iPhone 14 Into Recovery Mode

Lets do it!

Press and Hold the Side Button

Step 1: While pressing and holding the “Side” button, now connect your Apple iPhone 14 to your computer.

Step 2: Don’t release the buttons until you see the Recovery Mode screen on your Apple iPhone 14. Once you see it, then release the buttons.

Note: In case, if the passcode screen appears then you must Switch OFF your Apple iPhone 14 and make it start again.

How To Restore Apple iPhone 14? (Easy Steps)

Step 1: Launch the Finder or iTunes Software on your computer.

Step 2: Now, Simply locate your Apple iPhone 14 on either tools (Finder or iTunes) that it is connected to.

Step 3: A pop-up windows will appear on the screen along with the options “Restore” or “Update”.

Step 4: Simply, choose the “Restore” option. Now, computer will start downloading the software for your Apple iPhone 14 and will eventually launch the restore process.

Step 5: In case, if your device leaves the Recovery mode screen due to software taking more time to download. Simply, wait for the download to complete and then turn OFF your Apple iPhone 14 and start again.

Step 6: The process might take some time, wait for it to finish.

Step 7: Finally, after the successful restoration of your Apple iPhone 14. Disconnect it from your computer and set it up accordingly.



It can be extremely frustrating when you are unable to unlock your own device for the reason being forgetting PIN, password or pattern lock.

However, by following above steps, you can unlock your Apple iPhone 14 without losing any of your important data.

Apple iPhone unlock