How To Use Android Multi-Tools Software To Unlock Devices

If you are suffering from your mobile phone being locked and no solution is working for you, then we have come up with a pretty simple user-friendly third party software that will help you easily unlock your device.

What is Android Multi-Tool Software?

Android Multi is a software that is used to unlock the Android devices. Whether your smartphone is pattern locked, Face loacked or Pin, you can go with tool in order to unlock your device.

There are tons of other things, you can perform by using this software, like:

  • Wiping Android Data.
  • Resetting your smartphone.
  • Getting Software and Hardware Information.

Download Android Multi-Tool Software For PC

  • Download the Android Multi-tool Software.
  • Now, Install the drivers for your particular smartphone.
  • Run the Android Multi-tool software by clicking on the “Android_Tool_Drivers / Android Multi-tool / Android Multi Tools v1.02b gsmforum file”.
  • After that, a new windows will pop-up, simply click on the “Run” to launch the Android tool and drivers comand prompt.

How To Connect Smartphone With Android Multi-Tool

  • Download and install the Android Tool and Drivers.
  • Now, run the Android tool and drivers and then enable the USB debugging on your smartphone.
  • Hold the volume up or volume + Power buttons simultaneously in order to enter into Android Boot mode.
  • Once, you enter into the Android boot mode, now connect your smartphone to a computer using original cable.

In android multi-tool window, you will see different options available. Simply, go with the particular commands accordingly.

Following are the different commands of Android multi-tool software:

  1. Check The Device
  2. Reset Face/Pin Lock
  3. Reset Face/Gesture Lock
  4. Reset Gmail
  5. Wipe Data
  6. Reboot
  7. Check Device on Fastboot Mode
  8. Wipe Data/Cache on Fastboot Mode
  9. Exit Fastboot Mode
  10. Go to Command prompt
  11. Software Info
  12. Hardware Info

All you have to do is to type in the number accordingly to the mentioned operations.